'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's Wedding Details Are Sure to Disappoint Someone

kailyn lowry teen mom 2After tying the knot with husband Javi Marroquin in a courthouse ceremony, Kailyn Lowry is a married woman. But that's not stopping her from planning the wedding of her dreams. Confused? No need to be ... The MTV star explained her two weddings to OK!

The two decided to get hitched the first time just before Javi jetted off to Air Force training. "We got married at the courthouse, but our wedding is this fall," she explained. "We’re doing it all like if we never got married the first time." Awesome!

While there are some people who might question why Kailyn feels the need to do that (her baby daddy Jo, for instance, but his criticism seems to extend far beyond the wedding), I would hope/think there are more who will support her decision to do a full-blown, "belated" affair ...


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But you never know. When it comes to getting married, a bride and groom may think anyone who loves them could get behind any decision they make. From getting married for practical reasons and enjoying the party part later on to wearing blue shoes instead of ivory ones, I've learned just about ANY decision you make as a bride is destined to stir up someone's dissenting opinion. (It's like being President Obama!) 

During my own planning process, I admit there are times we've actually sought the opinions of parents or friends, because they've been there, and we haven't yet. We didn't realize that having a more formal, traditional invitation could mean it'll stand the test of time and become a real family keepsake. We stood corrected on a sit-down dinner being the best, most elegant option for our mix of guests. But there are other battles we've had to stand our ground on (like DJ over band, Miami vs. NJ, etc.).

But ultimately, even if what you want to do is not what's expected or conventional -- you know what, especially if that's the case! -- if it's what you and your fiance want, you need to just go for it. Sounds like that's exactly what Kailyn and Javi are doing, and if that's the case, good for them!

What was an "unpopular" wedding-related decision you and your husband stood your ground on?


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