'Bachelor' Villain Tierra LiCausi Avoiding 'Women Tell All' Show Because Even She Knows She's Crazy

Sean Lowe Tierra LiCausi

On next week's episode of The Bachelor, Sean Lowe will whisk his remaining three ladies off to Thailand for romantic overnight dates that may or may not include actual hookups in the fantasy suites. He'll also narrow the field down to just two women -- one of whom reportedly accepts his proposal along with a very fat engagement ring.

But before we can find out who Sean picks to be his wife, we have to get more juicy details about his season on the Women Tell All special.

The claws tend to come out in full force on that show, and that's why it's so disappointing to hear that Tierra LiCausi doesn't plan on going to L.A. to make an appearance and defend her character.


Even though the Tell All show is Tierra's only chance to dish out some sort of rational explanation for why she acted like such a psycho in front of everyone but Sean -- she's still chickening out. And if that doesn't prove she's either a.) a spoiled brat, b.) a compulsive liar, or c.) both, then I don't know what does.

According to a source who talked to Wetpaint, Tierra is "very upset with the way she came across on the show. At this point, all she wants is for everyone to forget about her. She knows going to Women Tell All will just draw more attention to how crazy she acted and how nasty she came across."

Yep. That sure sounds about right.

She's also supposedly bent out of shape because she thinks "no one will stick up for her." And why should they? If she really thinks she deserves one ounce of sympathy from Sean or any of the women on the show, it only proves she's just as nuts as everyone already thinks she is.

And then there's the whole deal with Tierra being engaged to a man she refuses to name. If she goes on the Women Tell All show, you know somebody is going to grill her about her "fiance," who I still believe to be fake at this point. I'm sure she doesn't want to risk anyone calling her bluff, so she figures it's best to just lay low and stay out of the spotlight for a while.

But seriously, how bad does it suck that we won't have the pleasure of seeing her crazy antics one more time? If ABC really cares about ratings, they should offer Tierra a huge chunk of cash to come on the show simply for the viewing pleasure of Bachelor fans everywhere. There's just no way the Women Tell All is going to be the same without her.

Do you think Tierra is a coward for refusing to go on the show?


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