‘Real Housewives’ Sneak Peek: NeNe Leakes Unleashes Her Fury in Best Blow-Up of Season 5 (VIDEO)

nene leakes

A lot has changed for The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars since the show first debuted. Singles have been recorded (I'll admit it, I sang along to "Tardy for the Party"), cast members have come and gone (we'll miss you and your wigs Kim Zolciak!), and empires have been built (most notably, Kandi Burruss's sex toys line). The most important thing, however, has remained the same -- the hair-pulling, drink-throwing, finger in your face drama. And the next episode brings it on full force as fan favorite NeNe Leakes unleashes her rage on all her unsuspecting costars. You gotta see it. Totally crazy town!


For a minute, I was worried that the old, neck-rolling, bitchy, biting, mean NeNe was gone. The first few seasons, she did her share of hair-pulling, eye-rolling, and vicious verbal attacks. But once she landed high profile roles on Glee and The New Normal, she seemed to be distancing herself from the usual tacky, over-the-top drama that still consumed all her girlfriends.

When something crazy happened, she didn't instantly jump into the middle of things like she used to. She was now playing the part of peacemaker. The rational one. Dare I say, the sane one. Well, that tranquil persona comes to an abrupt end during next Sunday's episode.

Check out NeNe's fury:

So much for the gracious, Hollywood star. The "hood" NeNe has been resurrected! It's that fierce attitude that has made her so popular on the show. She tells it like it is and doesn't hold back -- no matter what. I have to admit, her cast members deserved the tongue lashing this time. They know what they did was rude, so I don't know why they have shocked looks on their faces. This was classic NeNe. Gotta love it. Can't wait to see the whole entire blow-up go down.

Do you think the Real Housewives will ever grow out of the drama?

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