'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Is Engaged & We Have the Juicy Proposal Details!

Sean LoweWell, if all goes according to plan, it doesn't sound like he'll be a born-again virgin for too much longer -- because Bachelor Sean Lowe is reportedly an engaged man.

Yep, Life & Style magazine's new issue has all the juicy details about the proposal that went down in Thailand on November 17, which we'll actually get to see almost exactly four months to the date when the Bachelor finale airs on March 11.

And based on the report about the proposal, it sounds like Sean's fiance is one very lucky woman.


And she's got one heck of a piece of bling on her ring finger.

Sean supposedly presented his bride-to-be with a Neil Lane 4.3-carat platinum engagement ring -- and it cost a whopping $76,000. (Um, duh. ABC had to have picked up the tab for that one.)

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And the setting sounds absolutely breathtaking. Sean popped the question in a gorgeous area of Thailand with sweeping views. He and his "wife" stayed in an $1,100-a-night room at the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa in Chiang Rai, which is in the jungle. (He really digs the great outdoors.)

Ok, so that all sounds dreamy and romantic, but every Bachelor proposal always starts out as a fairytale, and then things tend to go directly into the gutter, right?

Well, Sean Lowe might be the man to change the course of the show, because he and his fiance are reportedly still very happy and in love -- and very much engaged. One of her family members even says that Sean "fits perfectly" into their family, and that she is hoping to tie the knot in California.

I'm usually fairly skeptical of most Bachelor and Bachelorette engagements simply because the track record for most couples making it to the altar is pretty horrible. But for some reason, I really think if Sean felt strongly enough to get down on one knee and propose -- it has to be the real deal. He's just way too serious and principled to throw a ring on someone's finger without the intention of actually marrying her.

Soooo ... now that we know he's probably engaged, who do you think he's engaged to? Yeah, yeah, I know there are already plenty of Bachelor spoilers out there, but there's always the chance they're wrong, you know. 

Check out this video below for more on Sean's final decision:

Who are you hoping Sean proposes to? Catherine, AshLee, or Lindsay?


Image via ABC

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