'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Reveals She's 'In Love' With Another MTV Star

chelsea houskaTeen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has forever been kind of/sort of/totally obsessed with her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy, Adam Lind. Even on the season's fourth premiere a few days ago, Houska talked about Lind and admitted that the two had had unprotected sex in the not-so-distant past. (Side note: There also happens to be a rumor going around that Adam is about to become a father again -- to another ex-girlfriend's baby. Oh, and side-side note: Lind may also be heading to jail, as he's had three DUIs in six months. Classy.) Anywho! It seems that Lind isn't the only male on planet earth Houska is attracted to. In fact, she recently admitted to being "in love" with another MTV star. And I can't say I'm super surprised. I swear, this is like the fifth girl I've heard of who's super into this guy.


Chelsea revealed that she has the hots for Nev Schulman, the host of MTV's show Catfish, when she tweeted: "Ugh...still in love with Nev Schulman #MTV #Catfish."

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I've only seen snippets of the Catfish show, but I remember Nev from the movie. There's definitely something about him, and ladies apparently heart this dude.

However ...

I hate to be the killjoy of all killjoys here, but sadly (and unsurprisingly), Nev is taken. Schulman has a girlfriend who he's head over heels for her. And she's hot. And she's a musician. A few weeks ago, after an episode of Catfish aired, Nev tweeted: "Spoiler alert. I have a girlfriend that I'm crazy in love with. Her music was in tonights ep. Check her out & show her some love: @shaneepink." Shanee Pink. Yep, that's her name. And she's stolen Nev Schulman's heart. Womp womp.

So, sorry, Chelsea. I don't see a cross-MTV-show romance happening any time soon. But it's nice to see you interested in guys other than Lind. It's definitely a good look for you. I highly urge you to keep it up.

What do you think of Chelsea and Adam's relationship? Do you think Nev Schulman is hot?


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