'Walking Dead' Creator Dangles Tantalizing Teases About 'Dramatic Conclusion' to Season 3

Walking DeadWe're two episodes into the second half of season 3 of The Walking Dead (hi, was that the most mathematically tortured intro I've ever written? POSSIBLY), and we only know one thing for sure about the episodes to come: it's not going to be pretty. If you were hoping this would be the season when life gets easier for our survivors, you should probably just re-watch those episodes where they were sitting around on Hershel's farm drinking iced tea while zombies were mostly confined to barns and wells.

IGN recently caught up with Walking Dead series creator/executive producer Robert Kirkman about last week's episode, and he has some interesting things to say about what's happened so far -- and what we can expect to see later in the season.

Warning: spoilers abound, so don't read if you're not caught up!


Last week's attack on the prison wasn't even remotely the last of the battle between the Governor and Rick:

I think it’s important to know that this attack was definitely the Governor testing out their capabilities, and also posturing; trying to show that he’s somebody to be feared. He’s setting the tone for the coming conflict. He’s shooting into the air for the most part and was definitely trying to damage their defenses. This is really just kind of a test run, really, something that will escalate into a real attack. I think this is a good step on the way to our coming conflict and if people think that this attack WAS the attack, they should probably just wait.

Hershel will have Rick's back as the story goes on:

Since the farm, those two characters have grown a tremendous bond. Rick was the character that was trying to work with Hershel against Shane to make it all work. So, these two characters are men that very much understand themselves. They bonded in that shootout in the bar; they’ve been through a lot together. Hershel is someone who is keenly aware of what it’s like to lose a spouse, and so while Hershel is just as concerned as everyone else with what’s going on with Rick and how it’s going to affect the group, I think he is someone who is a lot more sympathetic than everyone else.

Merle's presence at the prison may (or may not!) make a difference for Rick's team in the fight to come:

Merle is someone who has been a capable asset to the Governor, and this may well end up being a huge mistake on the Governor’s part to take Merle and push him to his enemy and allow him to become an asset to them. Or that may have been the Governor’s plan all along! We’ll see.

Don't discount Carol's leadership abilities:

I would say keep an eye on Carol. I think there’s some really cool stuff coming up with her, but I also think that this is a really interesting time for our group, where we are seeing characters like Hershel and Glenn stepping up in small leadership roles in the absence of Rick’s sanity. That’s something that we’ll continue to see and I think some of these characters will surprise you.

Andrea has changed her Facebook relationship status with Woodbury to "It's Complicated":

I would say at this point she’s leaning more to the side of whatever will keep the people of Woodbury safe. I think this is someone who has actually grown to love this community much more than she ever grew to love the Governor himself. While she is starting to realize what’s going on with the Governor and she’s very alarmed by it and is trying to figure out how to deal with it, at the same time she doesn’t want to abandon these people. She knows that there are good people in Woodbury, so she’s really very torn.

So what's going to happen between the prison survivors and Woodbury, for crying out loud?

I think things are going to continue to heat up and escalate throughout the rest of this season. This is our tenth episode and we’ve got 16, so we’ve got however many left that is – I’m not very good at math – to go. We’ll be continuing to move forward toward that dramatic conclusion; wherever that dramatic conclusion may be I can’t say. There’s a lot of places to go from here.

Damn you, Robert Kirkman. You give us juuuuuuust enough, you evil man.

Just for some macabre fun, who do you predict will die before the Walking Dead season 3 finale?

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