'Teen Mom 2' Season 4 Premiere Recap: Chelsea Makes Her Worst Mistake With Adam Yet

Chelsea Teen Mom 2Teen Mom 2 came back tonight with Season 4. It is rumored to be the last season of the show and judging from the opening episode, it probably should be.

Somehow, sometime, behind the scenes, Jo and Kailyn got into a fight that was so bad, Kailyn took out what seems to be the equivalent of a restraining order against Jo. Now I have heard many a divorcing man complain about these kinds of orders, saying they are unnecessary, too easy to get, and can really hurt men in a custody battle.

But this time, Jo admitted that they had a physical altercation. What. The. Hell? I mean, seriously, these two seemed among the most stable of the teen parents on these shows. If this can happen to them, then what?


In other news, Chelsea made the incredibly (incredibly!) dumb decision to have sex with Adam without a condom after her IUD slipped out. Come ON Chelsea! You are not dumb! So what gives?

Actually, the way she laughed about it was really, really disturbing. You are talking about creating a LIFE. A LIFE, people. With an idiot. I mean, seriously. That's not funny. That's not cute. I don't get it. Chelsea has a child. She knows what it means to have a child. She knows it is not easy and that she has ended up alone through much of it. So why? Why would she make such a dumb mistake?

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The reality is, the person she will hurt is Aubree. That little girl is going to have troubles, all because her mom and dad make immature, silly decisions. And to add another baby to that? No. That is so stupid.

Moving on to Leah, it was a sad episode for her. She had a miscarriage. And while my heart went out to her, I also thought it was a relief to her (or so she seemed). So why did she just rush into another pregnancy?

If ever there was a sign to SLOW down, it seems this might have been it...  And yet we all know she gets pregnant again and has another baby. In the midst of all this confusion about Jeremy versus Corey and on and on it goes. Honestly, Leah. You are mentally exhausting. I have no doubt she loves her girls and is a good mom to them, but she needs to take care of herself, too and this constant drama and back and forth is not taking care of herself.

Enough. Enough. Enough.

Tell that to Jenelle, too. She was the least dramatic of the night (shocker), but I am sure it is just ramping up. Until next time....

Do you think Leah is being crazy? What about Chelsea?


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