'Girls' Has the 'Boys' Baring It All In Painfully Revealing Episode

girlsLast week's Girls had a whole lot going on with very little clothing. And I applaud Lena Dunham not only for her writing and her portrayal of Hannah, but for daring to show just about every part of her body in the nude. I, like Hannah's older fling played by Patrick Wilson, find her to be beautiful. She's soft, womanly, creative, slightly rebellious, yet very tender. She's not a hard body Megan Fox type, but that shouldn't be the only kind of woman people find beautiful. This week, though, she stayed fully clothed. Instead, Dunham had the boys baring all in the episode simply called "Boys."

Sure we see Booth Jonathan's nearly-full-frontal and plenty of his man-butt, but we also saw Ray and Adam's budding bromance reduced to near blows after an intimate conversation. We can't forget that boys have feelings, too.


Booth disgusted me. Fancy artist. Asshole personality. But when he laughs at Marni thinking he was her boyfriend and then her admitting she liked the idea of him, I started to feel bad for him -- the guy I thought was a heartless jerk. He admits that essentially he has no real friends because no one knows or wants to know the real him. But I still can't bring myself to say "Poor Booth Jonathan" because I think he purposefully perpetuates this arty persona he created for himself and thrives on the attention. Still, very sad. He sort of cries. Marni really does.

And of course I feel horrible for Marni, too -- she's completely lying to herself and her BFF Hannah, but let's focus on the men ... er, boys.

Like Ray. The 33-year-old man-child. Let me just put it out there that it's not too late for Ray to find whatever he wants to do or be in life. The 20-somethings on the show seems to rag on his age all the time but he's JUST 33. He's not married. No kids. He has a job. Granted he hates his job, but he has a job. There are plenty of 33-year-old (and older) boys walking around NYC with less than that. But I've got a soft-spot for Ray and I'm not even annoyed with the fact that he's dating Shosh who is so much younger than he is. He loves her. And he loves his copy of Little Women with personal notes in the back from his aunt. (Awww!) And when he goes to Adam's to get it (because Hannah left it there) he ends up showing even more compassion for the dog Adam stole that is locked up in the bathroom.

A sort of bromance starts when Adam asks Ray to be his back-up when returning the dog to the address on the tags. Apparently the best compliment a man could give another man is to note his strength or bravery. So the two head to Staten Island to return the dog to the owner. The two bond over being sort of the same, feelings wise, and Adam simplifies the whole thing telling Ray they are just both weird looking dudes. It's cute. The wind is in their hair, they're talking about girls and then Ray tells Adam he never understood what he saw in Hannah. Bad move. Adam gets pissed and leaves Ray with the dog. I'm worried about Adam. He was building some sort of Noah's Ark type thing in his apartment with a stolen dog that bit him in his bathroom. Things are not good. But they are also not good for Ray.

Ray gets berated by the daughter of the dog's owner when he shows up at their gate. She calls him his every insecurity. He ends up at the shore, starring at the city, dog next to him, crying.

The boys are feeling all the things this time. Hurt. Failure. Insecurity. Pain. Saddness.

Brilliant episode.

What did you think of this week's episode of Girls?

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