'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' Recap: Scott Disick Flirts With the Wrong Woman

Scott Disick Kourtney kardashianWhat's creepier than hitting on your girlfriend's sister? Hitting on her just after your girlfriend gave birth. That's exactly what Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend (and baby daddy) horny Scott Disick was up to on this week's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

Reviving the age old "why is Kourtney still giving Scott the time of day" question, the father of toddler Mason and newborn Penelope was way more than a little frustrated that his post-partum girlfriend isn't up for sex. So he turned to other sources for his entertainment, chief among them Khloe Kardashian.


To be fair, the baby Dash sister recognized that Kourtney's been a debbie downer outside of the bedroom too, so she volunteered to hang with Scott. As Khloe said, Kourt tends to put her boyfriend last -- after not just the kids but her new fixation on finding a house so she can get away from hotel life.

Giving him someone to hang out with was Khloe's way of taking one for the team. But she obviously didn't expect to have her brother-in-law (more or less) grabbing her boob in a clothing store or making lewd comments about how she eats her ice cream cone.

It's obvious Scott doesn't actually want to hook up with Khloe, but he wouldn't take no for an answer, pushing the boundaries even after she told him flat out that she didn't want to be touched. When Khloe started getting uncomfortable with the flirting, Scott should have backed off. This isn't just some random girl, it's his girlfriend's sister! And she was trying to do him a solid!

All is patched up now and forgiven now that Scott apologized. Lamar doesn't have to kick anyone's ass for hitting on his woman.

But considering how blase Kourtney was when Khloe complained that her boyfriend was basically sexually harassing her, here's betting Scott won't be getting over his horndog phase any time soon. Maybe she was just relieved that he wasn't hitting HER up for sex for once? It sure seemed like it!

Speaking of crossing boundaries, baby brother Rob Kardashian stepped over a serious line himself. Depressed over a big break-up with his girlfriend, he's been dating random women. One even asked him to hook her up with a recording deal with Kanye, and Rob had the audacity to go off on Kim when she said no way. You can't help feeling bad for Kim when even her own family tries to use her boyfriend!

Fortunately Rob came to his senses and apologized, just like Scott, and they're all back to one big happy family. Kim even found a house Kourtney approves of to get them all out of the hotel!

Do you think Scott crossed a line with Khloe?


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