'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Cynthia's Pageant Was a Hot Mess After All

real housewives of atlantaAllll throughout the first half of tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey was worrying about her Miss Renaissance pageant. She hired Kenya Moore as a judge (or, actually, it was more like Kenya asked Cynthia to be a judge, and Cynthia was like, "Um, yeah, I guess."), and she questioned that decision. But that wasn't what she was most concerned about. Cynthia's main worry, as she told NeNe, who was in town from L.A., was that the whole thing would be a "hot mess".

And, well, it kind of was.


Before we get into it, let me just say that, despite my and NeNe's reservations about Cynthia hiring Kenya as a judge, Kenya was on her best, non-cray behavior. (And yes, she wore her Miss America sash during the show, in case you were wondering.) But the show -- although it had a "happy ending", according to Cynthia -- was all over the place.

First off, there was the emcee Cynthia hired -- actor you've probably never heard of, Boris Kodjoe. He couldn't have looked less enthused to be there. Cynthia pulled up to his hotel to pick him up, and dude was basically in a t-shirt and jeans. Cynthia was like, "Um, do you have a suit or something?" And he was like, "No, this is fine." Okay. Sure, it is, pal. Cynthia is dressed like she's going to the Governor's Ball, but you're beach party attire is just fine. Whatevs.

Then there was his general demeanor during the event. The only way he could have looked less enthused to be there was if fell asleep at the mic. He was clearly over the whole thing before it ever started.

And finally, there was the fact that there was some sort of mixing up of papers before the pageant and all the wrong names were called when the girls were walking across the stage. Hot. Mess. Just as Cynthia predicted.

A weird, little B-story during the show was Porsha Stewart "borrowing" her super cute 1-year-old niece for a day to prove to her husband that she could handle kids. I kind of hate when this is a storyline in reality TV shows, because A) it's been done a million times, and B) we all know how it's going to go: Wacky hijinx will ensue. Womp womp.

All in all, this wasn't a particularly exciting ep of RHOA. But then again, I wasn't expecting it to be. This season's been a real yawn factory.

What did you think of Cynthia's pageant?


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