'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is 'Terrified' Courtland Rogers Is 'Going to Come After Her'

jenelle evansAs you may have heard, Courtland Rogers, estranged husband of Jenelle Evans, is in the hospital on suicide watch. Bad times. But for Jenelle, the bad times are apparently going to start when Courtland is released. The Teen Mom 2 star is reportedly shaking in her Uggs for when he gets out. According to a source that's totally not Jenelle: "Jenelle is terrified that Courtland is going to come after her when he gets out."

Terrified? Wow. Bold statement right there. And when you hear why Jenelle's so afraid of Courtland getting out, I think you'll agree: "Terrified" is a terrible choice of words.


The source continued: "She knows he wants to talk to her and probably see her, and he knows where she is usually so she’s afraid that he is going to do something stupid and confront her in person."

Ummmm, okay, so she's more "not looking forward to him coming out." I think that's a better way of phrasing it than she's "terrified." I mean, Christ, makes it seem like he's going to, god forbid, do something violent to her. I hope that's not what she's afraid of.

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If these two yahoos aren't done with each other once and for all (which they're probably not -- wasn't Courtland just referring to Jenelle as his "heart" the other day?), they need to just talk in person. None of this texting or tweeting bullshit. Real life, actual talking. I don't think it will be pretty, but some things -- no matter how ugly they are -- need to be done in person, y'heard.

What do you think of Jenelle being "terrified" of Courtland?


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