'Bachelor' Women Say I Love You to Sean & Embarrass Themselves

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Does anyone else feel like this season of The Bachelor is moving really, really fast? I know there was an extra episode on last week and all, which sped things up, but it still seems like it's been about 10 minutes since Sean Lowe first met the women at the opening cocktail party.

And yet, on last night's show, more than one woman professed her love for Sean, and I couldn't help but be more than a little bit embarrassed for them when he didn't reciprocate their sentiments. I mean, I know he can't tell anyone he loves them until the final rose ceremony because of contractual obligations, but still. It must really suck to say "I love you" to a dude and have him give you a blank stare right afterward.


First there was AshLee, who yelled "I love Sean!" really loud while having dinner with him on the beach. It was an awkward moment for me, and I wasn't even there, so I can't imagine how it must have been for her. And she didn't stop there. After that, she said something along the lines of, "When I said I love you, I meant it." And then she said, "I love you" again. (Barf.)

And that brings us to Tierra, who has to feel like a real idiot after telling Sean she was falling in love with him, only to have him send her home unexpectedly after realizing she is, indeed, the chief engineer of the crazy train.

Ugh. And what about poor Lesley? (Love her.) Since she's a smart, sensible woman, she hesitated to tell Sean she loves him, and of course, he sent her packing because she wasn't opening up enough to him. Because she didn't bat her eyelashes while throwing herself at Sean and showering him with declarations of love, he took it as a bad sign. (What the heck?)

I don't blame her one bit for holding back. Aside from it being way too soon to tell a guy (who is also dating a bunch of other gals) you love him, shouldn't he be the one to say it first anyway?

Yes, I realize that sounds a little bit old fashioned -- but I know I've never been the one to say "I love you" first in any of my relationships. I was always way too terrified that the feeling wouldn't be mutual, so I always held back and waited to hear those three little words come out of the guy's mouth before I started openly spewing them whenever I felt the urge.

And I know The Bachelor is a different situation entirely, because the women have to take risks if they want to make it to the end, but still. All they've had to go on is Sean looking every single one of them in the eye and saying, "I'm crazy about you."

Considering that's the last thing he said to Tierra before he sent her packing, I wouldn't put too much weight on it.

Have you ever said "I love you" first?


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