Emily Maynard Has a Soft Spot in Her Heart for ‘Bachelor’ Villain Tierra LiCausi

emily maynardFormer Bachelor contestant and Bachelorette heart-breaker Emily Maynard has some opinions about Sean Lowe's season that she just had to share. In a video blog for E!, the blonde mom of one put on her best pink matte lipstick and dished on her favorites thus far, and two things struck me. One, she called Lindsay out for showing up wasted in a wedding dress, and two, did Emily just say that she likes Tierra LiCausi?


Em said:

I get that she's like kinda not that warm and fuzzy, and not really the nicest girl ever. I get all of that, but I haven't seen anything outwardly mean that she's done. I get that she wants to hang out with Sean a lot and she's super aggressive, but there's that girl every season. And we know those girls in our everyday life, but do we really have to hate them?

I mean, she doesn't say that she doesn't not like Tierra, so there's that.

And I feel completely justified using that double negative because I just sat through Emily's blog? In which? She ended? Everything? With a QUESTION.

Anyway, I think it's safe to put words in Emily's mouth here and say that her favorite is definitely Tierra. Sure, all Emily explained is that we shouldn't hate her, but everyone hates Tierra because, simply put, Tierra's the worst. Of course we hate her. She throws herself down the stairs and she fakes hypothermia. I mean, hello -- what's to like?

It's par for Emily's boring course that she doesn't have an opinion that's cloyingly positive, so it's our duty to sift through the sugar-coating to find the real meaning.

And the real meaning in this case is that Emily loves Tierra. She probably likes her because she hopes Sean picks her and sabotages his life because Emily's still bitter that she chose that man-boy Jef over Sean, who's clearly got much more going for him.

That Emily. What a vindictive bitch, huh?

Who do you want to win this season?


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