'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' Recap: Kim Kardashian Chooses Kanye West Over Family & Loses

Kim Kardashian and Bruce JennerSo much for those important family memories Kim Kardashian was hell bent on making at the beginning of tonight's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. As soon as Kanye West was in the picture, Kim was ready to jump ship ... or at least jump dragon boat.

It started when she got the idea to enter her family into the race for charity. So out most of the crew came from California led by Bruce and Kris Jenner. Captain Kim was at the helm and trying to whip everyone into shape and get them pumped for the big race. It was a big battle for the leadership reins with Bruce, and his competitive spirit pushed Scott over the edge -- and right off to Vegas. How convenient for him.

But Kim was in it to win it, and held her ground ... until Kanye called.


She said she hadn't seen him in three weeks and needed to spend some quality time with him, even though her family had flown in to do her race. When asked why Kanye just didn't grab an oar and join the team (which would have been a great solution and fun to see), she said he didn't want to. So that was that, and Bruce got his coveted seat as captain.

Only then Kanye had meetings, and Kim came crawling back to her team, ready to row again. But Bruce wasn't having it. "I’m team captain, and we like commitment," he told her. "So you don’t get to do it. You can be cheerleader.

He said he was doing it in the name of teaching his kids lessons, and we all know that being fickle is definitely something Kim could work on. So it wasn't totally without cause. And Bruce did beat the whole world after all.

Kim, however, surprised everyone by gathering up her own team that looked fierce. Kris Jenner showed her true colors when she immediately ditched the rest of the family to join Kim's new team. Of course.

In the end, however, Bruce and his team proved triumphant, and Kim and Kris were the losers, in more ways than one. We never did see Kanye, but hopefully he helped Kim lick her wounds ... or something like that.

Do you think Kim was wrong for ditching her family for Kanye?


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