'Girls' Shows That Being With an Older Man Brings Out Insecurities

A few years age difference shouldn't be too big of a deal, but nearly 20 years ... that's a lot. Perhaps too much for some people to be able to deal with. Especially Hannah. In this episode of Girls called "One Man's Trash", 24-year-old Hannah who just the other week was doing coke in order to get an article published for some hipster website is now having sex with a married but separated 42-year-old doctor whom she just met.

Like probably most 24-year-old women having sex with 42-year-old men who look as incredibly handsome as actor Patrick Wilson, it was a good time. A really, really good time. But then it got bad. Weird bad. 


First it was good. The kind of instant attraction, making out on the kitchen table kind of good. The kind of good where you play ping pong naked, maybe do things you never dreamed you would do ... like having sex with a really good-looking guy who is 18 years older than you who has a ping pong room in his brownstone.

Then it was bad. Because Hannah realizes she wants to be happy and she is not, and worse, she's been making choices that actually keep her dwelling in the unhappy existence she created for herself.

She met this guy, this Joshua (not Josh), because she was throwing the trash from Grumpy's where she works into his garbage cans because she lost the key to the shop's dumpster. But what she ends up doing is unearthing all her own garbage, her baggage, her issues, all that is making her unhappy.

Of course sex with an older man isn't going to have this kind of effect on everyone. But for a young woman who has been floating through life not really thinking about her actions (or perhaps over-thinking them), this is precisely the kind of "event" that shows her something, something deep, something much deeper than if she had the same event with another 20-something. It needed to be with an older, successful man who seemingly had it all and was kind to her. The kind of kind that when he asks her if she'll make him come, instead of saying yes, she responds that he should make her come. And he does. And she does. And she also comes to the realization that she is in a really bad place, mentally, and she needs to get out. It brought out all her insecurities, all of what she had been suppressing. Which is what doing things out of the ordinary can often do.

What did you think of this episode of Girls? Do you think having sex with much older men could lead a younger woman to really look deep inside herself and see how she's on the wrong path?


Image via HBO

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