'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska’s Beachy Curls Tutorial Is So Simple (VIDEO)

Chelsea HouskaWe all want them: Perfectly tousled curls that look like they belong on a Kardashian that last for hours and withstand the test of humidity. Getting them, though? Not exactly easy. Between figuring out what curling iron to use and what products will keep your tresses from falling flat -- beachy curls take effort. Effort that Teen Mom Chelsea Houska has mastered.

Lucky for us, Chelsea's sharing her perfect hair secrets with the world this week in a beauty blog showing her fans EXACTLY how to get to-die-for curls with the help of her friend Brandon. FYI: You're gonna need some patience, maybe the help of a good friend, and a whole lot of hairspray.

Check out how to get her stellar curls, here:


Looks easy enough right? Just like any hairstyle, this takes a lot of practice to get right. Personally, I adore the wavy hair look like this, and like Chelsea -- I also wrap my hair around the outer barrel of the curling iron to create a looser, wavy look. An important note: Just be careful about holding the hair close to the barrel of the curling iron. They actually make gloves for this kind of stuff to prevent burning yourself! Yeah, they may look silly, but they are totally worth it.

In the end -- it's all about experimenting to see what looks good for you without killing yourself stressing out about the particulars.

Will you try this style on your own at home? Are you a fan of Chelsea's look?


Image via chelseahouska/YouTube

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