'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Gives Online Dating a Try & Even He Thinks It's Hilarious

Ben Flajnik

Sigh. Former Bachelor Ben Flajnik has resorted to online dating to try and find himself a suitable mate. Yep, turns out a female fan discovered Ben's profile on Tinder, an online dating app. (They have apps for this sort of thing now? Who knew?)

She then tweeted Ben and said, "Haha did this just happen? Hit me up on Tinder."

And being the nice yet geeky dude that he is, Ben replied to her with, "Tinder is hilarious."

Way to be smooth, Ben. Way to be smooth.


Ok, Ben may think Tinder is hilarious, but who else thinks the fact that Ben is using Tinder is what's really funny?

Here's the thing -- in case it somehow managed to slip your mind, Ben owns a winery. Did you read that right? Ben OWNS A WINERY.

How hard can be be for a dude who makes a living by making wine to find a woman who wants to date him? I mean, I know he has really bad hair, which can be a real turn-off, but did I mention that the guy has an unlimited supply of free booze?

I know the whole finding lasting love on TV thing didn't work out for him, but I don't understand why he doesn't just drive to the local bar in town, find a nice girl to chat with, and then invite her back up to the winery for a night cap. Doesn't that seem like a more effective method than a dating app?

It's like he just doesn't give himself enough credit or something, which is probably why he wound up picking Courtney Robertson on his season of The Bachelor. I'm feeling like he needs a little pep talk to boost his ego, so here it goes.

"Ben, you OWN A WINERY. Now get out there and tell every girl you run into. And if that doesn't work, tell her you were on TV. If that still doesn't do the trick -- get a haircut. The end."

Why do you think Ben has turned to online dating?


Image via ABC

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