'Glee' Recap: Finn Picks the Absolute Worst Woman to Help Him Get Over Rachel

glee diva weekIt was supposed to be all about the divas on Glee this week. Kurt Hummel challenged Rachel Berry to a sing off in New York, and back home in Lima, Tina Cohen-Chang was trying to prove that she's not just a back-up singer. There was so much going on the biggest news of the night almost got lost in the shuffle.

So here it is: Finn Hudson is finally getting over Rachel. And boy did he ever pick the wrong woman to help him move on. Really wrong. Epically wrong!


And by wrong, I'm talking Miss "I'm About to Marry Mr. Schue" Emma Pillsbury!

The obsessive compulsive guidance counselor was lending a hand with the Glee club this week, acting as the guest judge for the New Directions' diva off (she picked Tina, by the way). Her husband-to-be is still off in Washington fighting for funding for the arts, but with all that hanging out in the choir room, Ms. Pillsbury has fallen back right into old habits: giving the director of the Glee club advice.

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Only the director isn't Mr. Schue anymore. Finn, her former student, the one who is still moping over his ex-fiance moving in with a guy in New York, has the reins these days. And when his one time guidance counselor suggests it's time to move on, he takes it to heart.

Too bad Finn isn't interested in the math substitute Ms. Pillsbury had in mind. The male half of Finchel walked in on Ms. Pillsbury during a pre-wedding freak out, tried to comfort her, and ended up planting a wet one right on her lips.

All we got was that one kiss before the cameras moved on to Santana moving to New York. But with the big wedding episode slated for next week -- on Valentine's Day of all days -- this was the only moment of the night that really mattered!

It could change everything!

Will Finn freak and run off? Will Emma do a runner on the wedding? Will Mr. Schue feel betrayed by the kid he trusted not just with his Glee club but his girl?

Can we actually make a couple name out of Finn and Emma that isn't absolutely ridiculous? Femma? Emminn? Yeah ... not thinking it can happen.

What did you think of the Finn and Emma kiss? Would they make a cute couple?


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