'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Will Stay Married to Husband Courtland Rogers Awhile Longer

jenelle evansJenelle Evans' trainwreck of an insanely brief marriage to Courtland Rogers is shaping up to be even more of a disaster than we thought. If the disastrous duo -- who, in a matter of only a few weeks, have dealt with a seven-week pregnancy, numerous alleged cheating incidents, and six assault charges -- thought they could call it quits and get a divorce in a snap, it seems they were gravely mistaken ...

Jenelle's divorce lawyer, Dustin R. T. Sullivan, spoke exclusively with Hollywood Life and says the reality star might be facing an uphill battle to officially becoming Courtland's ex-wife. Yup, this is a divorce destined to draaaaag on. I know Jenelle has always looked up to Ke$ha, but it sounds like her life is starting to more so resemble another celeb's: Kim Kardashian!


All right, so the details are a bit different. While Kim's divorce is dragging on and on because Kris has accused her of fraud (and marrying him only for publicity) and wants an annulment -- which she refuses to give him -- Jenelle and Courtland may have issues divorcing 1-2-3, thanks to the state of North Carolina's laws.

"NC requires a one-year separation period before she's even eligible to be divorced," Sullivan explains. And yup, the waiting period was put in place to prevent quickie divorces!

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Since Jenelle filed charges on January 23, she and Courtland are technically separated, so Sullivan says their separation will likely be over at the end of January 2014. And if the MTV star has tweeted that she may want an annulment, Sullivan isn't so sure that's a realistic possibility. He says:

It’s an option; it’s extremely difficult to get an annulment in North Carolina. I’ve instructed her to just hold off on any of that [divorce or annulment filings] until she gets the criminal charges worked through.

Wow. Well, clearly, there are lots of moving parts here that make the situation very different from Kim's, but there's still a common thread, and that's how waaaay too freakin' lightly both reality stars took getting hitched.

Poor, screwy Britney Spears always gets such a bad rap for what she did by marrying childhood friend Jason Alexander one night in Vegas, but how are either one of these cases really any different? The actions of all three stars showed a complete disrespect for what marriage really is. What it should be based on. And how seriously it should be taken.

But, as we can see, it seems the universe has had its way of catching up with each of them. Hopefully, these difficult divorces following taken way-too-lightly weddings serve as a lesson to not just the couples involved but onlookers, as well.

Do you think Jenelle should have to wait a year to divorce Courtland?


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