Roller Skating Waitresses -- We Took That Dare and FAILED! (VIDEO)

I'll Take That DareOne of the toughest jobs out there is one you'd least expect:


Yes, they still exist and one of the places where you can find them is Friscos, a '50s-style diner in California.

Kathy Bouska from Mama's Losin' It joined me as I "Took That Dare" and tried to be a roller skating waitress for a day.

I think it's safe to say it was an EPIC FAIL. But we had a GREAT time giving it a try!

The video is after the jump ...


Every moment in this video, by the way, is 100 percent real. They let us take orders, wait on tables, and generally wreak havoc everywhere we went.

And yes, I DID spill water all over a customer about 5 minutes after I put on my roller skates.

That was SO EMBARRASSING. The guy was not happy!

This was definitely one of the toughest jobs I've ever tried. I don't care what anyone says -- roller skates and food were not meant to go together! 

What about you? What has been your toughest job? Would you try being a roller skating waitress?


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