Season 4 Preview of 'Teen Mom 2' Shows We’ll Be Cringing Until the Series Finale (VIDEO)

Teen Mom 2Teen Mom 2 has never been a show with much subtlety. Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Calvert (Messer) have always brought the drama and the outward craziness to MTV. But now, it's starting to get out of control.

It's getting SO out of control, in fact, that there are rumors of MTV pulling the plug. The new season comes back on February 18, just two weeks after season 3 ended. If that weren't fishy enough, it seems the girls are starting to really lose it. 

The show started with an amazing, admirable goal. They aimed to stop teen pregnancy by taking a real look at it. They succeeded in meeting that goal, so kudos to them. But somewhere along the way, the original message ... got lost. 


The show became about the girls and how messed up they are. Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood became household names and all the tabloids wanted to know what they were doing.

Unlike Jessica Simpson or other tabloid-stalked celebs, these are real girls without the Hollywood money and connections, and their low-life friends are along for that ride.

That means Kiefer and Andrew and any loser associate of Jenelle's can make a few bucks by selling a story and by manipulating the unstable and clearly difficult woman into making a fool of herself. It's exploitation and MTV knows it.

At a certain point, the network is doing more harm than good by continuing the show. From the looks of season 4, that time might be now ...

In the past MTV has stepped in when there have been true dangers on their shows. Does anyone remember Ruthie on Real World: Hawaii? That time may be near here ... see below.

What do you think of the season 4 promo?

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