Beyonce Quotes Kenya Moore & 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Are Going to Pay Big Time

Kenya MooreFor the most part, Beyonce rules the world. Well, unless you ask PETA or those people outraged about her sexy Super Bowl halftime performance. But according to most of the rest of us, Beyonce can do no wrong ... or couldn't.

She recently went and said something so irresponsible and so awful that I was speechless when I read it. I don't think she has any idea of the consequences that her loose lips will cause ... but oh there will be consequences.

I almost even hate to repeat it, but ...


She quoted Kenya Moore of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Oh yes, she did. During an interview with Inside Edition, she was asked how she thought the Super Bowl went. Her response: "It was Gone With the Wind fabulous!" Yes, that's the same outrageous line Kenya threw out a few weeks ago coming from the mouth of Beyonce.

 You can see it here:

So you know that Kenya's already overinflated ego just blew the hell up. She's already one of the most narcissistic, crazy housewives the franchise has ever seen. She already thinks she looks like Beyonce, telling the other ladies a few weeks back, "Every day somebody thinks I'm Beyonce." Uh huh.

Now her idol has quoted her. Those other ladies on RHOA better watch out, because who knows what this ego boost will do for Kenya. She already bulldozes her way through the show -- taking over modeling casting calls and stealing booty workout ideas. She's going to be even more out of control than ever with this kind of wind beneath her sails. Because you know in her mind this makes her and Bey BFFs.

Celebrities really need to be a little more responsible when quoting annoying, egotistical maniacs.

Are you surprised that Beyonce quoted Kenya Moore?


Image via Bravo

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