Your 'Real Housewives' Alter Ego Revealed! (QUIZ)

Real Housewives of AtlantaWhen it comes to Real Housewives, I think part of the allure of the shows is that we find them so unbelievable. These women are so unlike people we know in our everyday lives in many ways. But beyond all of their diamonds and rose, I think the truth is that they're also very much like people we know -- namely ourselves.

Oh, we may not let those sides of our personalities show that often or to the same DRAMAtic degree, but they're there, lurking. Sometimes, however, we don't even know we have them. So that's why we have this handy quiz to help you identify your inner Real Housewife. While the truth may be a bit hard to take, knowledge is power, right? So grab a glass of pinot grigio and face the facts (or something like them).


How to: Answer the following sets of questions. Whichever set of questions you answer yes to the most is your alter ego. If you have multiple alter egos, then ... you might want to contact Bravo and see if they can use you.

1. Do you find yourself with an urge to flip furniture? Do you like to say things and then pretend you never did? Do you have hypocritical tendencies (e.g., saying you're above gossiping then gossip like a maniac)?

Your alter ego: Teresa Giudice, Real Housewives of New Jersey

2. Do you have a burning desire to tell people to shut the f*ck up regularly? Do you like to get revenge by telling other people's big secrets? Do you yearn to trash your ex in the public relentlessly?

Your alter ego: Brandi Glanville, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

3. Are you so full of yourself that you refer to yourself in terms like, "Gone With the Wind Fabulous"? Do you want to stab your friends in the back and steal their business ideas? Do you like to make up boyfriends?

Your alter ego: Kenya Moore, Real Housewives of Atlanta

4. Do you think you know more than anyone else? Would you have an affair with Johnny Depp, or at least some guy who looks like him even though you're supposedly in love with someone else? Are you narcissistic with a strong tendency to one up anything anyone says?

Your alter ego: LuAnn, "The Countess" De Lesseps, Real Housewives of New York

5. Are you self-righteous and pretentious? Do you like to boss around the staff at stores (Nordstrom in particular)? Do you think everyone wants to be you?

Your alter ego: Alexis Bellino, Real Housewives of Orange County

Add 'em up.

The good thing is that these ladies also have alter egos of their own that are (in most cases) a lot nicer than the ones played up on TV. We know they're not all bad, but the worse they are, the more fun to watch, no?

Which Real Housewife is your alter ego?


Image via Bravo

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