‘Downton Abbey’ Hottie Fakes Surprise Over His Sex Symbol Status (Which Only Makes Him Hotter)

dan stevensYou know that Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens is delicious and handsome. I know that Dan Stevens is delicious and handsome. But does Dan Stevens know he's delicious and handsome? Apparently he does not!

When asked if he was surprised to hear he's considered a sex symbol, he said yes -- well of course he did. That's what they all say. Even Bradley Cooper. (Who me, sexy? Nahhh!) But listen to how charming Stevens is about it all. "I suppose that is a bit of a surprise, yeah. I never really thought of myself in that way. But it is lovely and shows people are interested in the show." Swoon! Can't you just hear it in his accent, batting his big blue eyes, tousled blond locks lilting in the wind? "I suppose that is a bit of a surprise ..." I die!


And then how sweet of him to make it all about the show. Like, "Aw shucks, I'm sure it's all just Moseley's coat-brushing and Mrs. Patmore's good English cooking, keep watching we're on Sundays on your local PBS station." And yes, Matthew/Dan, you are correct. Being our sex symbol is "lovely." Thank you so much and also you're welcome.

It all just makes you love him more, doesn't it?

Of course, he must know he's Dansome™, right? There are mirrors in his life, I assume. He's seen photographs of himself, watched his heart-melting visage on TV. It's kind of hard to miss, even if you have congenital self-deprecation disorder, as so many English do.

But it doesn't matter. There's just something insanely attractive about a handsome man who modestly acts as if he's completely surprised by his own sex appeal. He just happens to look like THAT in a well-cut period suit and combed hair, but really, he just came here to act. If we're going to insist on drooling, though, well then, he won't stop us.

On a scale of 1-10, how Dansome do you think Dan is?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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