'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Middle-School Shenanigans Are a Warning for All Moms

Jenelle EvansEver wonder what scandalous reality star Jenelle Evans was like as a kid? Sources who knew the Teen Mom 2 star as a child are coming out of the woodwork to say the drama that's kept her in the headlines over the past few months is nothing new. Turns out Jenelle used to get drunk at school.

And not just any school: middle school!

Somehow, that sounds exactly like the Jenelle Evans we know and can't stop watching, doesn't it? But parents, you're going to want to hear this one anyway. The story out of an old Brunswick Middle School classmate sounds an awful lot like a tale from the book of "there but for the grace of God go I."


A former classmate told Radar that Jenelle was a party girl even when she was a tween, and she once brought booze to school, taking advantage of the fact that a substitute was in charge of her class to get drunk.

Now let's pretend for just five seconds that we don't know that Jenelle ends up as a teen mom who loses custody of her son to her mother, doesn't actually know the paternity of her child, is a regular at the local jail, and ends two relationships by having the guys arrested.

Pretend she's a regular kid. Would you be willing to allow that her getting drunk in middle school is just a kid being a stupid kid?

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It's tempting, isn't it? Oh, sure, if you're the parent, you'd be livid, and you'd have to discipline the kid (in Jenelle's case, mom Barbara Evans grounded her for a week, but the classmate said it obviously wasn't enough to deter Jenelle).

But it's so hard to look at what our kids do objectively, isn't it? No one wants to think of their own child as a "bad seed." That's why you hear parents say, "well, she didn't mean it" or "it was just a mistake."

The problem with that kind of parenting is that when you start excusing bad behavior, you don't know when to stop. You don't know when your kid is just "being a dumb kid" and when your kid is crying out for attention, for someone to get to the root of why they're screwing up. Suddenly you have a Jenelle Evans on your hands -- pregnant at 16 with God knows whose kid, screaming and cursing, and, well, you know what Jenelle Evans has turned into. We can also see that Barbara Evans, although she really seems to be doing the right thing with her grandson, was no peach of a mother.

This week, Corey Simms' dad Jeff watched Teen Mom 2 and tweeted that if Corey had spoken to him "like that" (apparently referring to how Jenelle treats her mom), the reality star wouldn't have made it out alive. It was a bit over the top, but he had a point. If our kids are screwing up, it's up to us, the parents, to do something about it.

Don't excuse middle school pranks as middle school pranks. Do something. Discipline, and if it doesn't help, talk to an expert, get HELP if you don't feel like you can handle the situation.

Just don't let your kid be the next Jenelle Evans.

Does this blast from Jenelle's past surprise you? Do you think we'd be looking at a different girl if her mom had parented differently? 


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