Brandi Glanville May Have Cheated Before Eddie Cibrian Did ... But It Didn’t Mean Anything

brandi cheatedReal Housewife Brandi Glanville's new tell-all/hatchet job on LeAnn Rimes sure has got a lot of people talking. But not about how wronged Brandi's been. Nope, the latest rumors totally turn the table on her -- sources tell Us Weekly that Brandi was cheating on husband Eddie Cibran looooong before LeAnn caught his wandering eye.

That's "multiple sources," by the way. Multiple as in LeAnn and Eddie, or multiple as in 30 men claiming they "hit that"? Wouldn't we love to know! At any rate, supposedly she had sex with other men "several times" before the 2009 affair that blew their marriage apart. And one source claims she had a fling in her bedroom just six weeks after giving birth to son Jake. So if Bandi's such a cheater, cheater pumpkin eater, why does she make such a big deal about LeAnn?


I suspect Brandi and Eddie must have had a bit of an unspoken don't ask/don't tell arrangement in their marriage. As in, if you get your rocks off with someone else, it's okay, so long as you don't drag in any diseases, it stays out of the tabloids, and it's just about sex. Of course, they'd probably both deny that they had an "open" marriage. But some couples are like that -- keep it on the DL and don't fall in love, and we'll just keep puttering along. No one wants a big, messy divorce with legal fees and real estate disputes.

But Eddie broke that rule. He didn't just have an affair with LeAnn. He got caught, publicly. And he fell in love.

Maybe Brandi sincerely did not see this coming. But I kind of think it was only a matter of time. Strict fidelity is hard, and I don't blame some couples for wanting to relax the rules a little. But have we not learned anything from the Bloomsbury group? (Oh shit, my English major is showing. How embarrassing.) I mean, have we not learned anything from the entire history of Hollywood marriages? Infidelity erodes relationships. Ain't nothing special about Brandi and Eddie that should have made their marriage any different.

I don't think Brandi is hypocritical for bitching endlessly about LeAnn when she's a big cheater herself. I just think she's having a hard time accepting that she lost the cheating spouse game.

Are you surprised to hear that Brandi cheated before Eddie's affair with LeAnn?


Image via Us Weekly

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