'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Wants to Get Physical in All the Wrong Ways

Sean Lowe The Bachelor

Ok, I have a question -- what the hell is up with the extreme adventure date activities on Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor? Usually when I watch the show, I find myself getting a little bit jealous of the girls who get to sight see in helicopters, drive around in limos and fancy cars, have picnics in the middle of vineyards, and have private concerts played just for them.

But while watching Sean's dates each week? Yeah, I sit there in the comfort of my warm, cozy couch and feel nothing but pity for the poor women. They're jumping off buildings, sawing logs like a bunch of lumberjacks, drinking goat's milk, rock climbing, repelling down cliffs, "playing" on glaciers, and of course, plunging into icy cold lakes in bikinis and winding up with hypothermia.


Although, I'm still not totally buying that Tierra actually had hypothermia -- but she did look pretty cold. I'll give her that much.

I know Sean is an outdoorsy guy and all, but he's really going overboard with trying to bring out the adventurous side of each of the women. And I'm really starting to think he signed up for the wrong reality show.

If he's really hoping to find a girl who isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty or taking part in physical challenges -- perhaps he should've applied to be on Survivor. Can't you see it? First of all, he wouldn't be required to wear a shirt, which is a total plus. And he'd be surrounded by women who not only signed up to be marooned on a deserted island, but who also enjoy seeing just how far they can push their physical limits. Sean and a Survivor chick could totally be the next Rob and Amber. For sure.

Or maybe Fear Factor would be a good fit? Sean could hold hands with a girl while they lie in a coffin-like box and having thousands of spiders dropped on top of them. (That would be hot.)

Another possibility for Sean that may work better than The Bachelor? The Challenge on MTV. That show hasn't had any new "fresh meat" contestants in a while, and Sean's a perfect fit. (Although, I'm not sure how well his alleged virginity would go down.)

What do you think? Would Sean have a better chance of finding a girl who's his type on another reality show?


Image via ABC

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