'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki Is a Surprisingly Natural Mother

snooki and lorenzoIt's not surprising that Snooki is a good mom. Ever since she announced her pregnancy, we saw signs that she was changing her party girl ways and taking this role seriously. But tonight on Snooki & JWOWW when she and Jionni brought Lorenzo home, I was shocked by how calm and self-assured she was about her new role.

Sure the delivery was terrifying, but once he arrived, she seemed so right for this role of motherhood. She even said, "I don't doubt myself." Now I know there are cameras rolling and all, but I don't think you can fake that kind of confidence, especially when doing things like giving him his first bath. I was expecting more of a reaction from her like the one Jenni had each time she caught a fish. Most first-time moms I know (myself included) were not that calm -- more like nervous wrecks, afraid we'd drop or otherwise damage this little being.


So while she may have put on a few diapers backwards and had no clue what an armoire is (Jionni's animosity toward the word was pretty funny), when it comes to caring for her son, she's got a whole lot of confidence. Good for her.

I'm sure there will be things she questions and her confidence may be shaken down the line, but they certainly got off on a good foot. Now if she'd just leave Jenni alone about getting engaged.

Poor Roger. Every time Snooki was on the phone, she brought it up. Even Jenni was getting bothered by it. But the good news is that she's going to be getting that ring soon.

Jenni totally proved herself in Maine. She went bass fishing, lobster fishing, and clamming; she peed in a bucket on a boat, and she at least entered an outhouse. And she didn't complain ... much. Roger's family adores her, and they seem genuinely happy together. Such a nice change from all of the fighting!

The episode ended with a sweet scene in which Roger told his dad he thinks he's ready to propose. His dad gave him his stamp of approval, and it was one of those moments I bet they'll never forget. So now the question is: When? 

Were you surprised at what a natural mother Snooki was right from the beginning?


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