'Burning Love' Spoofs ‘The Bachelor’ in the Most Hilarious Way (VIDEO)

Burning LoveLast year, the The Bachelor spoof Burning Love had us on the floor laughing. Now the star-studded Yahoo web series is back again for their take on The Bachelorette. This time we have spurned dental hygienist Julie Gristlewhite coming to the Burning Love Mansion after losing Mark Orlando's heart last season.

Her group of "eligible bachelors" includes: a single dad, a prince, a party guy, and a Jew. Just typing that made me laugh out loud. It's pretty hilarious.

The preview looks like it pegs the show almost exactly. See below:


We have the unintelligible crying, the bizarre "theatrical" dates (in this case, a puppet show), the nasty kissing of multiple men all in one night, and all the other usual Bachelor quirks.

I just love it.

One of the things that is getting frustrating about the show is the way it ceases to really change. I started to watch it back in 2002 with Alex Michel and I have pretty much watched every season since ... but there is a certain formula, and I will admit, the show has started to bore me a bit.

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Seriously, how many times can we watch the same stock "types" of guys compete for the same stock types of women. All the women are the same kind of bland, boring pretty and all the guys are the same kind of bland, boring "hot."

Every season there is a "crazy" person thrown in the mix just to shake things up, and every season, someone hyperventilates or falls down stairs or does god knows what else. Bo - ring. Seriously, they better change it up or I am going to get my pseudo fake love fix elsewhere.

Enter Burning Love. It's just about as real as the show it spoofs and far, far more entertaining.

Will you watch Burning Love?


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