'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Is a Sucker for Crying Women

Sean Lowe & Sara

If you sat through the two hours of nonstop manipulation and tears on last night's episode of The Bachelor, then I'm sure you did your share of eye rolling too. Seriously, can you believe the ridiculousness of the drama Sean Lowe fell for during his week in Montana?

It's almost like he has no idea what in the hell he's doing -- like he doesn't understand women at all. Or at least he doesn't understand when he's being treated like a puppet.

Sean keeps falling for the oldest trick in the book -- the whole "I'm a damsel in distress, please save me!" bit.


From Daniella crying at the group date cocktail party because she wasn't getting enough attention to Tierra following Sean around like a stalker and proceeding to tell him some sob story about her ex-boyfriend who died -- these chicks know exactly how to manipulate Sean's sensitive side so they wind up with roses each week.

And sadly, Sean Lowe isn't the only man out there who can't resist a woman in tears -- because the truth is, most dudes can't.

Seriously, are there any men in your life who can be in the presence of a crying woman without wanting to swoop in and come to her rescue?

It doesn't matter how smart he is. It doesn't matter how seemingly tough he is. Nine times out of ten, if a man sees a woman who is clearly upset and in distress, he's going to cave and rush over to see how he can assist.

And I'm wondering if maybe I would've had better luck with men in the past (minus my husband) if I'd have needed a hankie a little more often. You see, I'm not a crier. I'm just not. Truth be told, crying makes me very uncomfortable, and there are very few people I will actually do it in front of.

Actually, in my nine years of marriage, my husband has probably only see me cry about eight to ten times. And on all of those occasions, I was either really drunk, really mad, or exhausted and overwhelmed. At this point, if I cried for anything other than one of those three reasons, he'd probably think I was up to no good. (Smart man.)

But maybe it's nice to be the wounded bird once in a while, just for the sake of feeling comforted and cared about? Huh. Please tell me I haven't been missing out on something awesome for all these years.

Be honest -- do you ever cry just to get what you want from your man? Does he always come to your rescue?


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