Latest 'Walking Dead' Teaser Promises Epic 'Fight to the Death' in Last Half of Season 3 (VIDEO)

The Walking DeadSuper Bowl, smooper bowl, the only important TV date in February is Sunday the 10th. At 9 p.m. ET, on AMC. You've got your DVR all ready to go for the return of The Walking Dead, right? Because it's looking like the second half of season 3 is going to be a major bloodbath.

Um, even more of a bloodbath than the show already IS, I should clarify. (Although will anything top the zombie with a belly full of you-know-who?)

The Walking Dead has been, as always, on point with releasing promos and teasers during its midseason break, and AMC's latest video clip gives us insight into the brutal "fight to the death" that's on the way for Rick's intrepid gang of survivors and the Governor.


Walking Dead co-executive producer Greg Nicotero says there's a major battle coming when season 3 returns:

[The fight] moves around a lot. It’s very possible there might be another attack on Woodbury. The beauty is you’re not confined to one location, even though we spend a lot of our season at Woodbury or the prison. The bottom line is that we’ve established the conflict between the Governor and Rick, and we’ll explore that a lot more in the second half.

He also reminds us that in a world of walkers and living villains, anyone can die at any time:

We’ve established a certain scenario on our show where nobody is safe — and certainly in the back-half of our season, it doesn’t get easy for anybody We have the whole Woodbury community with the Governor [David Morrissey] and our principal cast. We’ll probably end our season minus a cast member or two.


Fans of the comic book series know that the Governor doesn't sport that wimpy-ass bandage on his eye for long. Robert Kirkman assures us we'll be seeing the Governor 2.0 soon enough:

My money is on that eye patch coming in, and coming in pretty soon. I’d be on the lookout for that.

Finally, here's a peek at the very latest promo, which teases the violent showdown we'll be seeing in the last half of season 3:

Yep, there's that eyepatch. And ooh, Rick's voice when he says "We're going to war" -- so creepy. I can't wait!

Are you counting down the days until The Walking Dead starts up again?

Image via AMC

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