'Bachelor' Recap: Sean Reveals a Weakness Most of the Women Absolutely Hate

Sean Lowe The Bachelor

Grrr! I have one question -- how in the hell does Tierra still have a rose after tonight's episode of The Bachelor? I mean, it's almost like Sean Lowe is falling for the same crap other Bachelors have fallen for the past or something. Oh, wait -- yep. That's exactly it.

And it never fails. Every season has that one chick who is absolutely nuts and is hated by all the other women in the house, but for whatever reason, the Bachelor is completely blind to her manipulative ways. But seriously, Tierra takes the cake as far as ridiculously crazy girls go. She's got Sean wrapped so tight around her little cray-cray finger that he may never let go at this point.

But as insane as she is, Tierra really made a genius move tonight that probably sealed her fate for at least another two weeks or so. You know what I'm referring to, right?

The dead ex-boyfriend card.


OMG. Sean was "this" close to sending Tierra home instead of Jackie on the two-on-one date, but then Tierra had to go and tell him her sob story about how her ex (who, by her description, was an alcoholic, druggie, or combination of both) died while they were still dating -- and she lost her best friend.

(Picture Sean's puppy dog face here.)

Well played, Tierra. Well played. Um, duh -- if you play the dead ex-boyfriend card, no decent man is gonna send you packing. (And I'm not sure her story is even true.)

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And Tierra isn't the only girl who played Sean like a fiddle on tonight's episode. What was up with Daniella crying like a baby at the group date cocktail party? You could barely understand what she was saying, she was sniffling and whining so hard. Is Sean really the type of guy who finds weepy girls endearing? (God, I hope not.)

He's obviously a really nice guy, so I guess I can see where he'd want to step in and offer these girls a shoulder to cry on, but come on. There's no way he's going to find his wife if he doesn't stop letting the tears make his decisions as to who and who doesn't receive roses each week. Being kind and compassionate is definitely a wonderful quality, but when it comes to being The Bachelor, you kind of have to push that stuff to the wayside.

Hell, most of the girls in the house were questioning Sean the entire night, and wondering how in the heck he's so dumb that he can't figure out what separates the good eggs from the rotten ones. At this point, none of them are amused at how naive he's being.

On another note -- who else is shamefully excited to see Tierra's hypothermia mishap tomorrow night? (I'm awful. I know.)

Do you think Sean is keeping girls because he feels sorry for them?


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