‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell Loses Pounds & Gains Something More Important

'Teen Mom' Catelynn LowellHave you seen Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell lately? Aside from the fact that the girl's beaming with happiness because of her fabulous relationship with fiancé Tyler Baltierra, she's also trimmed the fat in her life -- literally. The Teen Mom star has been shedding weight for her upcoming wedding with an ultimate goal of 124 pounds.

Sure, losing weight is an exciting thing. You feel invigorated and are able to take on challenges you may not have been able to easily do before. The best part of it all, though? It seems that Catelynn's gained something huge from all her hard work: confidence.

Damn girl, it looks good on ya.


I genuinely think that's the best part of losing weight, to be honest. Yeah sure, new pants, tops, the compliments, that's all exciting and fun. But the confidence you gain with your new body is the best, most enlightening feeling in the world. Believe me, I've been there. Suddenly, you feel invincible. It's not that I didn't have confidence when I was carrying around a few extra pounds. When you feel good about the way you look, though, it empowers you to be the best version of yourself.

You can see Catelynn's confidence shining through in every single picture her fiancé posts of her. It's the way she poses for the camera and has no problem flaunting her figure. Keep your chin up, my lady. You look fabulous and deserve to feel that way, too.

What do you think of Catelynn's new look?


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