'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska's New Hair Color Will Set Her Love Life on Fire (PHOTO)

Chelsea HouskaTeen Mom Chelsea Houska has always been a fan of hair experiments. The MTV star is planning on going to cosmetology school and has had deep brown hair, bleached blond hair, chunky highlights, and more throughout the life of the show. But now she has decided on the ULTIMATE color.

Yes, Houska has gone red. And as someone who spent a year in my 20s as a redhead, I can assure her unequivocally that she is in for a fun, fun ride. 

First, let's all just acknowledge that Chelsea looks amazing. She really does. Red is a very becoming color, especially when one is tan like Houska. Her deep, dark auburn is also perfect for her eyes. She tends to look more attractive with darker hair and deep red is a great way to get that intense color without going too light.


When I was a redhead, I felt sexier and spicier. See below:

red head

For Houska, whose on-again, off-again relationship with her baby daddy is shaky at best, having a new hair color could be empowering and fun. It could be just what she needs to shake herself out of the rut.

They always say blondes have more fun, but that wasn't my experience. I have been every hair color under the sun and never did I feel HOTTER than when I went red.

I felt like it made my skin glow and made me stand out. It felt fun and flirty without being cheap. Sometimes dyed blond hair can look cheap, so red gives you all the sexy bombshell style without the stereotypes.

Plus you can get away with so much more fire. After all, redheads are known for their sauciness. Play it up Jessica Rabbit style and saunter into a room. You are a rare breed that only your colorist and God has created. Am I right or what?

I say go Chelsea. As someone who has long hair and loathes the idea of ever going short, I support hair color change wholeheartedly. Change your color, change your life!

How do you think Chelsea looks?


Image via Instagram

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