‘Teen Mom 2’ Cancellation Has Been a Long Time Coming, Thanks to Jenelle Evans

jenelle evansThey've created a monster, and now they must kill it. Multiple sources have told the New York Post that MTV is canceling Teen Mom 2 due to cast member Jenelle Evans' erratic (or what I like to call "psycho") behavior. The network thinks Jenelle's a liability and doesn't want her associated with their brand anymore, so their solution is to pull the plug.


The fourth and final season of Teen Mom 2 is currently filming (or has just wrapped), but from the sound of things, it'll never make it to air.

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I mean, when one of the "stars" you've created has been hospitalized for alleged heroin use, has been to rehab twice, has gotten married, has tweeted obscenities about getting a divorce, has gotten pregnant, has had a supposed miscarriage, has gone to the bar after said miscarriage, and has shown a complete disregard for her 3-year-old son of whom she doesn't have custody, it's easy to see why MTV would like to distance themselves from a self-destructive person.

And while I'm sure it was a tough decision -- the show is a veritable cash cow for the network -- I'm happy to see they've taken some responsibility for Jenelle. Someone has to.

The show was originally created to present a cautionary tale of teen pregnancy, but thanks to gems like Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham, and Jenelle, the show's more about how the lives of young 20-somethings go spiraling out of control after gaining some fame, notoriety, and a bank account.

From insane plastic surgery to jail time for domestic abuse to a possible pregnancy hoax for publicity, it's time to realize that Teen Mom is doing more harm than good.

So far, MTV hasn't commented on the fate of Teen Mom 2, but with any luck, they'll announce its cancellation shortly.

Do you think MTV should cancel Teen Mom 2?


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