'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout 'Heartbroken' Over Ryan Edwards' New Girlfriend ... But Why?

ryan edwardsTeen Mom Maci Bookout is supposedly "jealous and heartbroken" over the fact that her baby-daddy Ryan Edwards has a new girlfriend named Carlie Ralston. Why? Not really sure, being that this dude sucks. But the kicker of this tangled web of a tale isn't the fact that Maci is envious of Ryan's new relationship; it's how his new relationship started. Apparently, Ralston had her photo randomly taken with Edwards one night, then tweeted the pic, along with the message: "Got kisses by a celebrity. That was fun."

Seriously? A celebrity? Um, my dog is more famous than this yahoo.


Well, in some circles.

Anyway, apparently after Ralston's tweet, Edwards tweeted: "The red head tonight. OMG." He then wrote to a friend: "Did you find out my wife's name yet?" And then things escalated from there. Basically, it's a modern-day Pride and Prejudice kind of situation for any of you literary buffs out there.

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Look, I feel bad that Maci's feeling sad and heartbroken, because out of all the Teen Moms, she seems like she's got her shit together the most; and it isn't fun when anyone's feeling down. But Maci needs to get over this guy once and for all. I understand that he's the father of her child, but still -- he's bad times, and he doesn't bring a whole lot of good to the table.

It would be rough to watch Maci and Ryan get back together, and I certainly hope that doesn't happen for her sake, but if it's any consolation to her at all: I seriously doubt this romance will end like Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy's. So dry your eyes, baby girl.

What do you think of Ryan's new relationship?


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