'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville Strips Away Her Tough Veneer in Vegas

Brandi Glanville Well, that was a change of pace tonight on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There was no yelling; no real drama; no one telling anyone to shut the f*ck up. And there were even group dinners. It felt a little weird, but I guess we all needed a breather after the last several weeks.

So what did happen? Let's see, there's Yolanda Foster whose sole purpose on the show seems to be to make everyone else in the world feel inferior to her and her perfect house, perfect husband, and perfect lemons. I'm happy for her, really, but enough. The funny thing though is that she's only 95 percent sure that she and her soul mate husband and "king" to whom she pledges her undying love will make it together for the long haul.

There was also Kim Richards and her nose job. She may be sober, but she's still bizarre. Her little one-on-ones with the camera are baffling. "I know he knows about noses. I know he knows about noses. He he he." WTF?


The rest of the ladies (minus Adrienne Maloof who made a brief appearance at Kyle's party then was AWOL the rest of the episode) were off to Vegas with Brandi Glanville to practice for her female empowerment seminars. No, they did not stay at The Palms.

Brandi wanted to show them her kinder, classier side, and somehow over a dinner that involved talk of vaginas and tampon strings, she managed to do that. She really opened up about her marriage to Eddie Cibrian, and stripped down her guard. Kyle seemed to relate on some level to what she was saying, and there was plenty of LeAnn Rimes bashing from the ladies there in a show of support. All in all it was a lovely night. 

Then it was off to stripper class, where Brandi nervously tried out her speech for her Night School for Girls. It wasn't perfect, but it was endearing. Up next week, the ladies hit the poles, and it looks like the drama heats back up. Thank goodness.

And oh yeah I almost forgot, Suzanne Somers made a special appearance. What's up with these random celebs popping up everywhere on RHOBH?

Were you surprised by how well everyone got along tonight? What do you think is going to go down next week?


Image via Bravo

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