'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: An Adult Film Star Inspires Carrie to Own Her Power

carrie sebastian the carrie diariesLast week on The Carrie Diaries, we were left wondering why Carrie's dad, Tom, wouldn't let her see her dream boat boy Sebastian, and in tonight's episode, "Read Before Use," we learned the doozy of a reason ... When Tom won't budge but does allude to the fact that Sebastian's dad was his client (he's an attorney), Carrie goes through his top-secret files and finds out Sebastian was kicked out of his last prep school ... for having sex with his art history teacher! (Whoa, hello Pacey Witter.) 'Course that's not enough to scare her off -- just enough to get her overanalyzing.

What she does end up getting scared off by, though, is former porn star Monica Penny, who's doing an X-rated performance art show at a famous NYC club Larissa gets Carrie into (along with Mouse and her fling who miraculously decided he wants to be her BF) ...


This plot felt suspiciously familiar. Wasn't there a performance artist in an episode of Sex & the City ... The one who wouldn't speak or eat and was performing at a gallery where Carrie ends up meeting The Russian? Anyway, whether it was an ode or a rehashed, reheated storyline, Larissa is elated to introduce '80s Carrie & Co. to her art scene and the performance du jour -- Penny's. Larissa reports the famed porn star's over her adult film career and has moved onto "owning her power" and "reclaiming her vagina" by exposing it to anyone who drops a penny in a jar ...

Mouse is up first -- and does her very best Charlotte impression, freaking out and saying she doesn't want to see anyone's vagina. Cue horrified face and scamper out of club. Aww. Up next, Carrie, who accompanied by thoughtful voice over, goes for it. And then, of course, is plucked out of the crowd by Penny, who feels like lil' Bradshaw reminds her of her younger self. She asks her to promise she'll never submit to a man by letting him take her power. Carrie enthusiastically agrees ... but when Monica asks her to prove it by exposing her vajayjay, she says no way way! Ha.

After giving an inspired speech to Larissa about how saying "no" really was a way for her to own her power (love it!), she high-tails it back to suburbia and finds the experience has made her more determined to tell dear ol' Dad she's going to keep seeing bad boy Sebastian. 

Too bad that when she does meet up with him (still against Tom's wishes), she does the typical Carrie thing, chattering on at length about his mysterious, risque past. In turn, getting a supremely "Big"-like response from her heartthrob. He decides all the over-analyzing and complications are a sign it's just not going to work, and he breaks it off. Poor crushed Carrie ...

But like she said, labels don't matter as long as you don't let them stick, and I'm positive our girl won't be "heartbroken" for long.

Did you think the performance art storyline seemed familiar? Where do you see her relationship with Sebastian going?

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