'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's Leaked Wedding Plans Sound HUGE

Kailyn Lowry Javi MarroquinTeen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry surprised us all when she admitted she'd already married fiance Javi Marroquin before he left for the Air Force, but that doesn't mean she's denying herself -- or her fans -- the big wedding. With her reunion with her husband coming up in just a few weeks, Kail has thrown herself into wedding planning, and letting more and more details leak out. The latest? It looks like Kailyn may have eight bridesmaids.

Eight!? Take a look at wedding statistics, and that's double the number of attendants the average bride has. If Javi has eight groomsmen to match, that will make for one ginormous wedding party. So has normal, down-to-earth Kail gone all bridezilla on us?


Not in the least. As her friend tweeted about the upcoming wedding for Kailyn and Javi:

holy crap there is 8 of us?!? #kailandjavisbigfatguatamalanwedding

Take note of that hashtag. Javi is Guatemalan, and in Central America they tend to have a "the more, the merrier" attitude about weddings. The more people you can get involved, the more people to offer blessings on the marriage.

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And in Kailyn's case, she often makes references to Javi's huge family that's welcomed her and Isaac with open arms. Imagine trying to leave one of them out of the wedding party? It could start World War III!

As a wedding photographer, I've found more often than not that women who have a swarm of bridesmaids aren't the divas they're made out to be. In fact, they're often the very opposite. They tend to be women who would rather make everyone else happy than draw a line in the sand and say, "Sorry, I'm just having X bridesmaids."

Girls like Kailyn who are willing to share the moment with a whole bunch of women are often just as easy (if not easier) to work with because they're not worried about someone stealing their show. They just want the people they love to enjoy themselves at their wedding!

And with the cool, down-to-earth kind of girl Kailyn seems to be, it sounds like she is going to have one crazy fun wedding!

What do you think of brides who have large wedding parties?


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