'Teen Mom' Star Gets Sued for Back Rent -- Where's All That MTV Cash?

Gary Shirley Teen MomBad news for members of the Gary Shirley fan club. The former fiance of Teen Mom Amber Portwood has been keeping a pretty low profile since she went to prison last year, busy single parenting their daughter Leah, but his good luck may have run out. He could be facing homelessness.

Gary is being sued for $1,360 by his landlords, who are also trying to evict the former reality star and his daughter for nonpayment of rent. Waaaaait a minute, where have we heard this one before?


Oh, that's right, Amber tangled with her landlords last year for the exact same thing! Before going to prison but while she was in the midst of her legal battles, Amber was likewise evicted for not coughing up the cash to her landlords.

At the time, we were relieved that little Leah at least had Gary as a stable parent. Fast forward to this week, and things aren't looking good for daddy or kiddo here. TMZ reports Real Property Management doesn't just want Gary to pay what he owes them for renting the 1,500-square-foot house, but they're serious about evicting him.

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Of course, there are two sides to every story, aren't there?

Gary claims he's already moved out, taking a place closer to his school, so he and Leah will not be homeless. He also says he's tried paying his bills but had difficulty with the company.

So who to believe? It's hard to tell.

The family should have some cash left from Teen Mom to pay bills like this. At one point Amber was said to be making as much as $280,000 for doing the TV show, and while Gary's salary likely wouldn't be as high, he certainly threw money around for awhile there as if he was making a decent bank roll. Could they really run through that money this quickly?

Then again, these days he's sole provider for Leah, with the added cost of going back to college weighing on him. And he is, after all, a reality star. They aren't exactly known for being good with money!

So maybe it's somewhere in the middle? He and Leah aren't being truly evicted, but maybe Gary's behind on the rent? Still, it sounds like he's doing better than Amber on her worst day. Hopefully he can get the whole mess straightened out quickly.

What do you think of Gary's potential eviction?


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