'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore Confirms She's Totally Crazy

Phaedra ParksJust when we thought Kenya Moore couldn't possibly get any crazier, she blows us away with her cray. On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she confirmed what we've suspected all along -- that there's something just not right about her.

Now that something could be that she's just acting the part, trying to create as much drama as possible to make a name for herself. If that's the case, it's definitely worked. But it's not a good name, that's for sure.

It started with Kenya inviting Porsha Stewart to lunch to try to explain her side of the story about the whole drama with Phaedra Parks and the battle of the booty workouts. Why she thought Porsha would want to hear a word she had to say after the way she treated Porsha shows just how delusional and narcissistic she is.


At least Porsha didn't fall for it. "All I want to hear from this woman is an apology," she said. Then she called her Ashy, and lunch was over.

Things may have just simmered then if not for Cynthia Bailey, the big tattletale, who brought them to a boil when she ran to Kenya and told her that Phaedra had been saying she has a drinking problem and that she might be bipolar. Not big leaps based on what we've seen, but Kenya was pissed. Most people would be. However, most people would NOT do what she did next.

Instead of confronting Phaedra or anything normal like that, Kenya dressed up like Phaedra and made a huge spectacle at NeNe's shoe event for charity. In she strutted talking like Phaedra and sporting a big old white hat. The rest of her outfit was -- well, barely there. It appeared to be a replica of the tiny thong bikini Phaedra wore in Anguilla (remember that one?!). Over it was only a fishnet cover-up that covered exactly nothing, and two big old butt pads rounded out the ensemble.

Kenya Moore

She looked beyond ridiculous and everyone stared in horror and confusion. She then confronted Phaedra about what she'd said, and Phaedra didn't deny it. She told her she did in fact think she had a problem.

Kenya then got crazier talking about how people are just jealous of her and something about stabbing Phaedra in the neck with a knife. She finished it off by telling Phaedra she had no business doing a workout video because her body just "isn't there."

Basically, the whole thing confirmed Phaedra's assertions that Kenya has some sort of problem. NeNe Leakes summed it up pretty well, "This bitch done lost it."

So the booty battle will rage on. Who will win? Nobody knows, but it sure has made for a lot of good publicity for both workout videos. And really, if not for that, what else is there to talk about on this season of RHOA? Not much.

What did you think of Kenya's move at the charity event?


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