'Glee' Recap: The New Directions Get, Um, a New Direction

Glee Sadie HawkinsIt's a new year, and we got an all new Glee. The first episode of 2013 put the girls on top with McKinley High all abuzz about a Sadie Hawkins dance. Perfect time for the New Directions to score some much-needed singing in front of a crowd time since their loss to the Warblers at sectionals ... but that's not all.

With Tina Cohen Chang and the rest of the Too Young to Be Bitter Club (side note: Zizes is finally back!) busy keeping the guys of the school on edge wondering if anyone was actually going to ask them to the dance, timing was perfect for some black ops behind the scenes. Anyone else wondering how Glee was going to go on without a competition for the Glee club? Wonder no more!


The New Directions may be able to get back into running for nationals after all. With everyone else focused on the dance, Sam and Blaine came together to uncover a Lance Armstrong style scandal going on with the Warblers. Yes, performance enhance drugs -- they're everywhere these days. Even in the choir room!

Sam and Blaine even have a secret weapon to topple the nattily dressed crooners: one of Blaine's few pals left on the Warblers who wasn't up for getting shot in the butt for the sake of getting a bod that could do amazing tricks on the stage. With Finn on board, it's looking like the New Directions are going to take a stand and take back what's rightfully their's.

And taking a stand for yourself was pretty much the theme of the night.

Marley finally got the guts to ask Jake Puckerman to the dance, and tell the lothario she's not going to let him hurt her. It was take it slow or hit the road, and Puck's little brother has decided to stick around.

Same goes for Brody ... he'll be sticking around Rachel a whole lot more. After letting her new guy sleepover, Rachel Berry has jumped right into inviting him to move in with her. 

Even Rachel's current roomie, Kurt, is putting himself out there, asking a sexy NYADA senior named Adam who leads a show choir if he wants to get coffee. These days he's all Blaine who?

Which isn't the worst thing for Blaine. He's moved on from Kurt too. Too bad he's got his eyes set on the one person he can't have: Brittany's boyfriend and his partner in sussing out the Warblers' scandal ... Sam.

But hey, if everything were going perfectly there wouldn't be a show, right?

Were you excited with the return of Glee tonight? What was your favorite part?


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