Gwyneth Paltrow Cameo on ‘Downton Abbey’ Is a Brilliant Idea

gwyneth paltrowYou guys, I just heard the most exquisite rumor: Gwyneth Paltrow is doing a cameo on Downton Abbey! Star is reporting that with Iron Man wrapped up, Gwyneth wants to focus on TV, and she practically is an English aristocrat herself in all but title and citizenship, and well never mind that, "so it’s no surprise that she begged for a role on the U.K. show Downton Abbey ... and got it!” Squee! And the best part of this rumor? It's totally false.

Oh I know. I'm disappointed, too. Gossip Cop asked a rep of Gwyneth's about the rumored cameo and they were told it's simply not true. Pooh! But that's not going to stop me from talking about what a BRILLIANT (please read that word in a British accent for me, won't you darling?) idea it would be for Gwynnie to appear on Downton.


Obviously Ms. Paltrow would play an aristocrat. The very idea of her playing a house maid or (shudder) a fallen woman is simply unthinkable! She did not hone that flawlessly posh Emma accent for nothing. Also: The clothes. Why would anyone beg for a cameo in which one wears sad rags? The whole point of doing Downton is getting to wear those spectacular gowns, right Shirley MacLaine?

All right then, it's settled. Now let's talk about her character. Long, lost bestie of Lady Mary's visiting for the weekend tries to have a fling with Matthew. Or -- one of Edith's new suffragist pals and they get into all sorts of madcap scrapes together. Or -- mysterious woman from Matthew's past shows up claiming she's his REAL wife and he's been married all this time, the bigamist! Or ...

Oh so, so many ideas. Here's my theory -- the rumors are true, and someone from Gwyneth's side leaked just to find out how the public would respond. WE SAY YES, GWYNETH! Just don't be surprised if she shows up in season 4.

At any rate, I guess it makes sense that the rumor is false -- starting with that part about an actress wanting to focus on TV after finishing a blockbuster film. Yeah right -- like that's a priority for any celeb after finishing a movie. Oh, and Gwyneth's rep probably isn't thrilled with the idea of Gwyneth "begging" for a TV role getting out there. Not very dignified of her, right Dowager Countess?

Would you like to see Gwyneth Paltrow appear on Downton Abbey?


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