'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Can Save His Boring Season by Keeping His Shirt Off (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Jan 24, 2013 TV

The Bachelor Sean Lowe

Ok, somebody's gotta say it. So far, this season of The Bachelor is turning out to be a bit more of a snore-fest than most of us anticipated, mainly because there really hasn't been enough scintillating drama to keep us entertained this far. (Aside from Tierra's fall down the stairs, which wasn't nearly as crazy as the previews made it out to be.)

But one thing's for sure -- Sean Lowe was cast as The Bachelor for a very good reason. Duh, it's because his body is sexy as hell. (Don't even try to deny it -- you love looking at his rock hard muscles too.)

Yep, Sean's season may lack drama, interesting conversation, and intrigue -- but seeing him take his shirt off over and over and over again more than makes up for it.

Yes, most of us are that shallow. We'll take all the eye candy we can get every Monday night, and it's definitely enough to keep us tuning in week after week.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some of Sean's sexiest shirtless photos to date.

Do you think Sean landed The Bachelor gig simply because he's so hot?


Image via ABC

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