Courtland Rogers Steals Jenelle Evans’ Cellphone & Gives Her Another Reason for Divorce

jenelle evansIt's not a very nice thing to say, but I do hope Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and husband Courtland Rogers get a divorce. After her illicit Twitter tirade, it sounds like Jenelle's totally fed up with Courtland since he supposedly left town while she was in the hospital dealing with a potential miscarriage crisis. Add on to that the earlier report that Courtland stole Jenelle's phone and as a result cost her $5,000 in meet-n-greet fees, this guy has got. to. go.

I mean, when the dude's stealing your cell and turning down money making opportunities on your behalf, let alone abandoning you in a dire time of need, it's pretty obvious that he's an idiot. Even Jenelle's manager is pissed.


He tweeted:

Courtland was texting me as JENELLE Saturday. No telling how many messages she hasnt got. This 1 cost her $5000! Jenelle never even knew, Courtland hijacked her phone and was pretending to be her.

Turns out, a huge fan of Jenelle's was willing to pay that large sum just to meet her, but now, who knows. Sounds like the deal's off the table.

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Manager Leo Daniels later tweeted that Courtland admitted to the thievery, which just makes everything that much weirder.

The only reason I can think of that a woman's husband would steal her phone and turn down business deals would be that he's insanely jealous, insecure, and fucking bored.

None of those three traits does a decent husband make.

We'll see if Jenelle follows through on her promise to divorce Courtland ASAP, but here's hoping she not only divorces him, but gets a restraining order, too.

Are you rooting for a Jenelle/Courtland divorce?


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