Adrienne Maloof’s ‘Boy Toy’ Doesn’t Look Like He Can Keep Up With Her (PHOTO)

adrienne maloof sean stewartBack when I heard that Adrienne Maloof was dating Rod Stewart's son, I first read it as "dating Rod Stewart" -- and thought, What happened to wife number three, Penny? But ha ha, joke's on me. She's not dating Rod -- she's dating 32-year-old Sean Stewart.

And if you were having trouble picturing exactly what that union would look like, wonder no longer! For the happy couple stepped out together in public and we're getting our first glimpse of Adrienne Maloof and Sean Stewart as a pair. Behold, the baby-faced boy and his real-life Mrs. Robinson.


Yeah ... that doesn't look weird at all. No, listen, I don't care that she's about 20 years older than he is. Good for her! But just going by this photo (which is totally unfair of me but I'm doing it anyway), she's the one exuding youthful energy while he looks like the old fuddy duddy. I swear, I checked out several photos of them together and tried to find one where he's not tucking in his jaw and giving himself a double chin -- no luck (except I guess that peck on the cheek). In most photos she's leaning into him and he's kind of timidly cringing away.

So I've pretty much explained their whole dynamic as a couple. She's in charge. He's scared of her. The end. Oh well, he's just her rebound man anyway.

It would be a scream if they ended up staying together for 20 years, though, wouldn't it? I would enjoy that. Okey dokey, so here's a fun game. Let's look at the numbers:

  • Rod Stewart: 68
  • Adrienne Maloof: 51
  • Penny Lancaster-Stewart, Rod's third wife: 41
  • Sean Stewart: 32

If you ask me, a picture says a whole lot more than a few numbers. I just wish it looked like Sean was enjoying his fling with Adrienne a little more. For that matter, I wish we were seeing Adrienne with a man of any age who looks like he can keep up with her.

How long do you think Adrienne and Sean will last together?


Image via Splash News

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