Steve Harvey Breaks Down Crying Over Touching Reunion With Couple Who Changed His Life (VIDEO)

steve harveyHere's something we don't see very often on TV -- a comedian bursting into tears on television! But that's what happened in a special birthday episode of the Steve Harvey Show. A man named Rich Liss in Orlando, Florida called Harvey via satellite to ask him one question: "Do you still love me baby?"

What the hell? Who is this mysterious man, and why is he asking Harvey if he still loves him? It sounds like the set-up to a prank, but then you see Harvey's reaction. He's stunned at first, and then Steve Havey breaks down in tears. "Yeah man, I still love you." So what's the story? The answer may make you cry, too.


Harvey leaves us dangling in suspense for a few seconds before he explains. Rich Liss and his wife, Becky, were early supporters of Harvey back when he was a struggling young man with nothing in Cleveland, Ohio. Without the faith and financial backing of this couple, Steve Harvey probably would not be standing in front of a live audience on his own show.

I was 26 years old, struggling. I didn't have nothing and these people owned a furniture store in Cleveland. They took me in and gave me a contract with my little carpet cleaning company. When I became a comedian at 27, I didn't have money to travel. They gave me an account at their travel agency and I ran up a bill that was $11,000 just traveling and trying to make it. Those people right there, they helped me out!

Wow -- Rich and Becky must have seen the talent and drive in Harvey all those years ago. But even before Harvey became a comedian, they must have seen something else in him that made them want to help him out, just as a fellow human being with potential. They're small business owners and must have been doing well enough to pay for his travel expenses, but not so wealthy that it wouldn't still be a risky investment for them.

It's so inspiring to see the love and faith behind a success story, isn't it? Imagine if more people like Rich and Becky took those risks. It's people like them who change lives -- and it's not just Steve Havey's life. The Liss' encouragement has had a ripple effect in the world extending beyond Harvey's career. It's sweetly gratifying to see Steve's immense gratitude to them, and to see them share in his success.

Are there people in your life who believed in you and have helped you pursue your dream?


Image via Steve Harvey/YouTube

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