'Bachelorette' Jillian Harris Got a Nose Job for All the Right Reasons

Jillian HarrisWell, I guess the cat is officially out of the bag. Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris got a nose job, and she's sick and tired of keeping quiet about it. (Nobody else was, so I guess she went by the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy.)

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint, Jillian spilled the beans on why she decided to go under the knife in the first place, and no, it's not because she wanted to look 10 years younger or because she's vain or shallow or anything like that.

Actually, her reasoning may surprise you.


Jillian explained how hurt she was after reading some very nasty comments about her nose on a blog, and so she decided to talk to her mom about the possibility of getting it fixed. You see, Jillian broke her nose a few years prior, and when it healed, it didn't quite look the same as it had before.

She visited a plastic surgeon who assured her that he could give her her old nose back, and so she took the plunge.

She recovered quickly, she's thrilled with the results, and she doesn't regret her decision for one second. And you know what? She shouldn't regret it. And she shouldn't have to defend her decision to anyone either, for that matter.

Here's the thing -- when it comes to getting plastic surgery, there are people who do it because they're desperate to look like someone they're not, and then there are those who simply want to feel confident and happy in their own skin, like Jillian.

And I'm sure if I had broken my nose and looked in the mirror and didn't quite recognize the person staring back at me, I'd want to do something about it too. Who can blame Jillian for wanting to look like herself again? Anyone who says they'd feel differently in her shoes should probably take a walk in them first before throwing unnecessary criticism her way.

I think Jillian really summed things up best by saying, "I’ve never had any other plastic surgery done, no. No, I have no plans. Maybe when I’m 40, I’ll reanalyze the situation. But for now, I’m happy."

(Amen. Isn't being happy what we all strive for anyway?)

Have you considered having plastic surgery?


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