Maci Bookout’s Cryptic Tweets Will Ruin Her Relationship

Maci BookoutThese Teen Mom stars and Twitter, it's like moths to a flame. On average, I'd say that Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, and Maci Bookout post more 140-character or less statuses cumulatively in one day than I post in three months! Regardless, it sure does make for some serious entertainment.

Take Maci's recent string of tweets inferring she's going through a bit of emotional turmoil. Just the other day she tweeted, "Never trust somebody who F#@!s with everybody" followed by a rousing "whatever you are willing to put up with is exactly what you will have." Hmmm. So ... cryptic.

This is what I think: If Maci is having relationship trouble, she needs to take out her frustrations somewhere that isn't Twitter. Or Facebook. Or Instagram. Plain and simple -- it's never beneficial.


The thing about social media is that even when you delete something, the fact that you put it out there in the first place means it's out there for good. The second it's there, someone can take a screen grab, and BAM -- it's set in stone.

The other thing about social media, and perhaps even worse, is how open for interpretation everything is. Who really knows if Maci's emotional statuses have anything to do with her current boyfriend Taylor or her ex Kyle. If either one of them sees them, though, it's just asking for it. That time potentially spent arguing could have been used to talk about the original problem in the first place.

The biggest issue here is the fact that Maci -- like so many other women -- feels the need to vent online. Yes, she's entitled. If she's gonna spill her emotions, though, it'd be a whole lot smarter to talk to her girlfriends or saddle up and gain the courage to talk to the person who she has the issue with. Like I said, airing out your relationship frustrations online can be a slippery slope. The last thing she wants, I'm sure, is to make more problems and create more heartache.

Do you think Maci's tweets are about her relationship frustrations? What do you do when you're having relationship problems?


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