'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Sweet Little Lies Have Rewards & Consequences

carrie diaries episode 2If the theme song of The Carrie Diaries' premiere was Adam Ant's "Goody Two Shoes," the theme this week was more like Fleetwood Mac's "Little Lies." Oh, our girl's still good, but come on -- she's also 16 years old. And when threatened with the possibility that she could lose her shot at seeing her fab-u graffiti-ed purse featured in Interview magazine or lose her chance with the sexy Sebastian Kydd, a goody two shoes has gotta do what she's gotta do! 

If you recall, Carrie's grounded, so going out with Sebastian isn't really an option ... The two try to get a bit cozy in the school hallways, but Carrie's still freaked that Mean Girl Donna's going to somehow manage to get her hooks in her guy. Especially after the two have a close encounter at the country club one night.


Basically they smoked a joint, and Donna tried to kiss Sebastian, but he refused. The next day, he confesses all to Carrie at school, leading us to believe that, aww, he really does seem crazy for her! (Cue Madonna's 1985 track from Vision Quest ...) And I'm pretty sure he'd be okay with waiting out her grounding, but fueled by remarks from BFFs Mouse and Maggie that the clock's ticking extra quickly on "high school time," and if she doesn't make her move, he'll lose interest.

But first she has to figure out how to execute her very own mini-Ferris Bueller's Day Out adventure in the city in order to bring her purse to the Interview photo shoot, which Larissa springs on her randomly. Through a few smooth lies, she's able to pull it off without much of a hitch. Which makes her feel even braver about going for another lie: Telling her dad that she's heading to the country club pool to do a little swimming with Dorritt, when she's really meeting up with Sebastian. Wuhoh!

When Dorritt figures out that Carrie was only using her as part of her grand scheme to make out with Sebastian in the pool, she tells their dad. Aaaaand he shows up at the country club to bust 'em. Ouch ... Still, kinda saw that one coming. What was a bit more surprising was finding out that Dad doesn't actually plan on keeping Carrie grounded ... He just tells her she can't date Sebastian -- "because I said so." Whaaaa?! So, now he's really forbidden fruit!

Meanwhile, Walt -- who we know is in the closet -- is struggling to make any moves on Maggie. Despite having turned her attention, at least partially, to a young, hot cop she's been hooking up with, Mags is wondering why the heck her boyfriend of two years won't have sex with her. (Oh, honey ...!) Even once he thinks he might be ready, he changes his mind, and abruptly breaks up with Mags, telling her he loves her -- just not in "that way." Thus, he's continuing to lie to Mags -- at least in part -- and himself. Ugh, my heart aches for both of them! I hope he'll feel as though he can come out sooner rather than later. Though I'm sure it will be anything but easy.

Even though many challenges and more lies seem to be in the cards for everyone, the ep ended on a bright note. After watching a bootleg of Purple Rain, Mouse, Dorritt, Carrie, and Mags gather in the kitchen eating snacks and bonding over their love life dramas. Foreshadowing? Or just an adorable, running theme? Either way, I get warm, sentimental Sex & the City fuzzies just watching!

How do you think Carrie will handle being forbidden to see Sebastian?


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